Great News - We have been voted Best Small Still Water 2014
The Roxholme Grange Trout Farm and Fly Fishery is a family run business that consists of a well cared for and maintained fishery situated on private land owned by Roxholme Grange in the village of Carlton in Lindrick, North Nottinghamshire, England.
The Lake is fully stocked with a controlled stocking policy ensuring our fish are perfectly healthy and not adversly affected with over stocking problems. The stocking consists of Trout - Brown, Blues and Rainbow from 4lb to 26lb.
Come along and enjoy your fishing and our surroundings!
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Roxholme Trout are reared in our free breeding lakes which are spring fed, with the lakes having been designed to enhance their rural location.
Our fish stocks are continually monitored for health and well being and are only fed on natural feeds.
The lakes also play host to numerous water fowl and wildlife.
At The Roxholme Trout farm and Fishery our goal is to enhance and protect our enviroment.

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