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1.    Voucher - 4 hrs Fishing first 2 fish retained       Price: £80          

2.    Voucher – 4 hrs Catch & Release                        Price: £60          

3.    Voucher - 8 hrs Fishing first 3 fish retained       Price: £118          

4.    Voucher - 8 hrs Catch & Release                         Price: £90          

We carry a small stock of our Fishery gifts but We aim to process all order’s placed within 24 hours, we will advise if a item is out of stock but can normally get our custom items within 48hrs.
Please note your cart orders will be displayed at the bottom of this page.

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5.    Gift - Fly Box with Flies – ‘Roxholme Bug’s'       Price: £34           

6.    Gift - Quality Reel with 2 spare spools                 Price: £65          

7.    Gift - Nice Fly Tackle bag                                       Price: £24          


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If you live local to Roxholme Trout you are welcome to pickup your order for a quick turnaround provided you phone our sales number and advise them, normally a 4 hour lead time minimum is required.

For all Mail order deliveries, please allow up to 5 working days for delivery, our items will be recorded and you will have to sign for their receipt.


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