roxholmeThe Roxholme Trout farm and Fishery is part of  Roxholme Grange Grounds which consists of a 17.2 acre site. Situated in the village of  Carlton in Lindrick, North Nottinghamshire.


The Roxholme Grange is a family run set of businesses Within the grounds we maintain and run a small holding that is home to a variety of livestock that

ariel4ainturn supplies  freerange produce.

As well as selling Fresh trout to order we breed to order and supply;
Free Range Chicken, Quail, Duck and Goose Eggs
We can also provide Chickens, Quail, Duck and Rheas (like Emu).
Defra logo image Peacocks.

The Roxholme Grange small holding is registered with Defra – click on the image to visit

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Roxholme Apiary Logo

Please visit the sales page or contact us by phone or email for more information or enquiry.From the Roxholme Apiary we produce fresh honey (seasonal)

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