Fish Care Rules


Roxholme Fly Fishery is home to some of the larger specimen trout as well as a large mixed bag of Rainbows, Browns and Blues from 2lb to Very Big!

invictaIn order to maintain the quality of our fish the following rules are applied and must be adhered to.

ALL ANGLERS Must Take a PAGER!landing1

  1. All fish being returned should be unhooked in the landing net and in the water where possible. (Trout live in the Water and NOT on Dry Land)
  2. Landing Nets and Un hooking Mats are supplied and Must be used as Required.
  3. Upon Arrival you will be issued a Pager, and you will be shown how to operate it.  The Pager must be returned before leaving the Fishery.
  4. Anglers who require Fish Weighing and Photographing Must leave the Fish in the Landing Net in the Water until one of the Fishery Staff (If Staff are busy ‘activate’ the Pager as shown to get assistance) or your Fishing Partner is Ready to Weigh and Photograph.
  5. We are Here to Help, We are Only to happy to revive and return your fish for you. Caution must be Taken Returning Fish, particularly in the warmer weather.
  6. All Damaged Fish Must be Reported.
  7. Fish being taken must be dispatched quickly and humanely.

We want you to Enjoy your Time at Roxholme Fishery

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