Nice PB Mr Dobson at 13lb 4oz

Nice PB Mr Dobson at 13lb 4oz

1st October

Gutted to hear the very sad news of John Dobson’s passing this last week.

John and Sonia Dobson had become close friends over the last few years with me and our babies, ‘another good friend in heaven John’

Love and prayers for Sonia

God Bless John.




Apologies guys, the fishery will be open again within the next couple of weeks, due to the warm water temps during September and my work commitments since. I will contact all who have left messages over the next few days


1st June


The Fishery is remaining open for June – weather permitting.

The rise in water temp during May has resulted in some difficult days (fishing wise) and whilst it is good for topping up the tan, our babies prefer the cooler conditions. Fish are showing following spawning with some of our beasties seen taking fry in the margins. The best times are early or late in these current warm conditions.

Additional aeration will be installed over the next week and will remain throughout the summer months and it is anticipated that the fishery will be closed during July and August in order to protect our fish stocks.

Over the last week of May, one or two of our babies made an entrance with Dean and Mick Barlow landing doubles at 14, 16.4 and 11lb Brownie including a perch at 3lb 4oz for Mick on the fry pattern. Evening rise on 30th saw anglers taking fish mainly to dry patterns which was good to see, with only one double for Derrick Potts at 12lb with fellow anglers with fish to 7/8lb.

Please note that additional aeration will result in fixed lines x2 across the lake and we will reduce the fishery to 4 anglers due to this. For anglers visiting please be advised not to forget the sun factor as we have had a number of ‘pain’ reports.

Always a welcome


16th “ON THE FLY”

Babies winning!

Reports of snags again from some of our anglers – “not snags my friends just our baby brownies”.

Tom Lund finding out twice with brownies at 13lb and 15lb 4oz, both fish taking fry patterns.

Peter and Art Williams with double brownies 11lb and 14lb. Brain Hope 13lb rainbow plus a 3lb perch on the egg. The Dave and Steve Lee challenge ended up a draw; the old man must be slipping Steve.

Bigger fish showing close-in although current warm temps seem to be holding them down during the day. Better results coming from the evening rise events, the Fluff Flingers all landing fish with 5 doubles to 14lb, John Roberts the big head this month guys.  

We continue to take bookings and will inform all when we need to install the additional aeration (weather dependant) as the fishery will be closed from this point to September in order to ensure the welfare of our fish

Always a welcome   


1st “ON THE FLY”

Welcome May

Mixed fortunes over the past week with a number of anglers reporting a number of lost battles with our babies. Best of the week as to go to Lee Coups with his first try on the fly, Lee landed a PB to be proud of a Brownie at 10lb. Not a bad start to fly fishing Lee – well done.

Carl Browning had a decent session with 4 landed, 3 of them our babies at 12lb, 12lb 4oz and 14lb 10oz; pity about that last fish Colin. Panic set in when the big Brownie saw the net (happy to see that beastie) John and Sonia Dobson joining our nearly angles, losing babies from early on, to make matters worse John even lost a baby on Sonia’s gear. Good luck for the Trout Masters final Sonia but don’t think you will need it.(wind them up Girl!)

Conditions not good over the bank holiday weekend with easterly winds dictating the takes, although anglers fishing the margins seem to have the better results on naturals. Buzzers working well for Pete and Bob Williams both landing fish to 8lb plus Bob’s bonus (perch at 2lb 8oz)

 Always a welcome  


18th “ON THE FLY”

Did warn you!

6lb = no fish, seems to be some kind of ‘fluff flingers’ rule. However, a number of our bigger babies end up trailing these leaders and leaving our anglers with only the story to tell.

If you want your PB then please don’t fish for your tea!

The past two weeks has seen a larger number than normal of smashed leaders including 2 rod tips? With some of our babies testing or do I mean upsetting? our visitors.

Rob Collins landing two babies 14lb 4oz and 16lb only to find 4 leaders in his first fish and two in the second. Unfortunately, or fortunately for Rob he has a big tea to eat with the 14lb fish having to be dispatched due to line damage.

Fishing generally testing in mixed conditions, with buzzers working well on most days. Fish close in due to spawning conditions.

We will once again be closing the fishery June to September (weather dependant) in order to install further aeration and to protect our stock. We will however be honouring the group booking days. 

Always a welcome         


6th “ON THE FLY”

Mixed week!

Mixed week with conditions dictating the takes for now. Most of our anglers throwing the box at our babies with mixed results although the nymphs have had the better results in warm / bright days over the past week.

Pete Gallaway, Glasgow alongside Jim Mac producing decent returns with doubles to 13lb x 3 from the 8 each angler landed mainly on nymph patterns. John Mann with 2 doubles 12 and 14lb on white lures whilst losing a very nice Brownie at the net.

Most anglers reporting aggressive takes close, mainly with lures; suspect brownies doing the chasing!

Buzzers working early and late with plenty of hatches being reported.

Any visiting anglers traveling to us, if you want update on current conditions please give us a call and we will be only too happy to pass on any current fishing conditions.

Always a welcome    



28th “ON THE FLY”

‘Babies playing for some’

Sam and Dave Wright returning the best figures from the past week with Sam landing 9 from lots to 11lb and Dave with 7 including his PB at 15lb 6oz and 12lb brownie. Both angers testing the box with every pattern being used. Seems ‘traditional’ won the day with more interest on smaller nymphs.  

Mark Burns with a baby at 14lb from his 6 landed, Pat Riley 11lb and 12lb4oz and Colin Downes with his PB brownie at 11lb 4oz – Well done Colin     

Conditions certainly playing their part with a number of windless days over the past week making thing a bit more testing, mornings looking more promising just now without the wind. Fish close to the margins with early signs of the brownies starting to stir the eggs!

Always a welcome


19th “ON THE FLY”

Conditions about right!

And a 10lb baby for Paddy Watts on his Birthday bash whilst son and heir Tom Watts sneaked in front (just) with babies at 13lb 8oz, 11lb both brownies and his baby rainbow at 11lb. Dan Ireland with a brownie at 11lb 8oz and a rainbow at 10lb 6oz from his five landed!

A decent wind paying dividends today, with the past week seeing a few of our beasties playing. Doug Dowthwaite 12lb and 11lb, Pat Dailey 15lb 4oz and 12lb brownie and Tommy ‘the numbers’ Knowles with babies at 13lb, 12lb and 12lb 6oz brownie from his 11 mainly to 8lb.

Buzzers working well on the calmer days with lures proving the better choice in the wind, yellow dancers tempting the brownie babies today.

Well done guys and Happy Birthday Paddy

Always a welcome    

Tom's Baby Brownie

Tom’s Baby Brownie

Tom Watts

Tom Watts

11th/12th “ON THE FLY”

Buzzer Time!

Pete and Col Mason found babies with 3 to 14lb on tiny buzzers plus fish to 8lb, Mr Woodcock with 6 to 11lb including 4 brownies, Lance with babies at 12 and 13lb.

Sat 11th being a slower day, mainly due to no wind although Sandy Dickson did take advantage of   Mr K being incapacitated with his leg injury. It was good to see you Andy and Sandy, and hope to see you in full fitness soon Mr K.

Mick chatter with carp of the week at 15lb after a bit of a ‘walk about’ and Matt Wright with trout for the week at 17lb 6oz -well done Matt, not a bad PB.

Always a welcome  


9th “ON THE FLY”

It’s called pay back Doug!

Early stages looked like Doug had it won with two doubles from four, that was until Mr Crick conquered the wind to finish 10 – 4 up with fish to 12lb. Never mind Doug you had the baby at 12lb 6oz. Peter fishing the smaller traditional patterns, mid-water with the bigger fish coming close in.

Seems to be very condition based with the windy conditions switching our babies on for most of our visitors although we must stress ‘forget the light leaders’ because some of our residents are becoming very aggressive just now!   



Always a welcome


Doug’s starter


Doug's starter


Apologies guys, the gallery still not working

Happy to continue to email any pictures

Always a welcome


Nice ‘tonsure’ Mr H

Alan Hobson getting into character for his role in the up and coming rendition of ‘Spamalot’ at Rotherham Civic 14th-18th March.

Alan and Long suffering but the better angler wife Mal are members of the Maltby Musical theatre group and are looking for sponsorship to help with the groups production costs.

All donations appreciated

“Break a leg Mr H”   



2nd March  “ON THE FLY”
Conditions improving with the babies doing a bit of chasing.
Fishing has been dictated mainly by the wind and temps over the past week with some days better than others. Steve Fryers- Newcastle with the best of the week with 2 x PB’s a Brownie at 14lb 6oz and his rainbow at 13lb along with 4 to 9lb s well done Steve.
Babies for Tim Wilcox at 12lb and 12lb 4ox, Mark Flowers 15lb 2oz, John Flowers at 11lb x 2 and Mick Mayers at 14lb and 12lb….
Most of the bigger fish taken on larger lures while buzzers starting to work for fish to 8/9lb.
Always a welcome



15th “ON THE FLY”

Change in conditions!

We’ve had it all over the last week snow, sun, wind and rain and our babies have been the same with some days better than others.

John Martin with the best of the week with 8 to 12lb including 2 babies at 11lb 4oz and 12lb Brownie- switching between small and larger lures.

The weeks Big Head goes to Ivor M with his PB at 16lb 2oz on the olive snake in a fast sink. Fellow anglers taking fish to 7/8lb although conditions are dictating the takes at times with the better returns coming on the overcast days.

Thanks to Hans for the foil, buzzer production back on line, will have the ‘blues’ ready over the next week.

Always a welcome


3rd – 7th “ON THE FLY”

Nice one Dave!

PB at 17lb 2oz for Dave Wilcox – Notts followed by 2 x 10lb+, Dave’s baby taken on green viva pattern. Gary Truman remains the daddy with his best of the session at 12lb 14oz closely followed by Brent’s 11lb 8oz baby. A few days of changing wind conditions proving to be testing at times with fish showing mainly early in the day.

Tim Reeve the number’s Big Head for the past few days with 7 from 10 to 11lb mainly on smaller  buzzer patterns (own design). Most of our anglers reporting takes without the landing bit as Bob Ellis found out with 8 lost battles and 2 landed.

Cooler temps forecast for the next week should be interesting?

Always a welcome


30th to 2nd Feb


May be intervention Dave!

Dave Phillips asked for a brownie in memory of brother – John and got 4 including babies at 11lb and 11lb 10oz, fellow angler Shaun Smyth adding a double brownie to the day. Babies for Steve Lindley at 12lb and 10lb, Dave wood 11lb and 12lb and Dave Orange 11.14 and 11lb.

Good breeze over the past few days have helped with Brownies chasing close in.

Please be mindful as the banks are wet and heavy in places, and good footwear is a must!

Always a welcome



Apologies to anglers for not having your babies on our gallery, for now we are still unable to use the gallery function.I will be only too happy to continue to email any photos taken.

Always a welcome 


“ON THE FLY” 26 -29th

Brownies chasing!

Following the freezing wind conditions of Thurs 26th when our brave and committed anglers (or may be daft/mad) spent most of the time clearing ice from the rod rings, our babies had no problem showing up for a challenge. Dave Williams starting the day with a baby brownie 11lb2oz followed by 2 x Blues to 8lb before being overcome with ‘wind chill’ (need to take the wife shopping escape). Colin B with 2 babies 12lb and 11lb along with 4 to 8lb and 4 lost.

Friday through to Sunday conditions much better with babies landed for Trev Bailey 10lb, Doug Dowthwhaite 10lb 8oz, Peter Crick 11lb, Michael Trigg with 3 x babies from 11lb to 14lb 6oz Brownie  including 6 to 7lb. Anglers reporting a number of brownies landed to 8/9lb plus rainbows to 9lb.

Brownies close in with midge tips/intermediates working with small lures whilst rainbows responding to the more traditional patterns including buzzers in the wind.

Then there’s Mr H (Alan Hobson), desperate to land his baby brownie 10lb 12oz sacrificing his top section just to go in front of wife Mal, even though under the enforced Duckworth/Lewis rules Mal still won!

Always a welcome

Dave's 'Wind Chill' Brownie 11lb 12oz

Dave’s ‘Wind Chill’ Brownie 11lb 12oz

16th to 24th “ON THE FLY”

Dave Lee s our “Big Head” of the week, landing his brownie baby at 13lb 2oz, “Steve did look pleased for you Dave”.

Steve finishing with 5 beasties on = 5 beasties lost BUT I have been told that he’s not bad at shooting now! Steve a word to the wise- let dad win and feel in charge, its easier to get round them when their happy!!

Mal tanked husband Alan H both in numbers and size with her baby at 11lb, and no handicap needed Mrs H.

Further babies for Mark Wright 12b and 10lb 6oz, Barry Wilcox 12lb 4oz, James Griffin 3 x 10lb+

TOTGA of the week to’ Herb’ following a full circuit and a few swear words and having seen the brownie beastie at the net only to see the hook pull. Bad luck Herb but very funny my friend.

Been an hit and miss week with the conditions, most days with very little to no wind making it a challenge to get them chasing, calmer days – intermediates working, with the breeze bringing them up. Lures for chasing at the moment.

Always a welcome

Dave's Baby 13lb 2oz Brownie


Dave’s Baby 13lb 2oz Brownie


15th “ON THE FLY”

Well done Pete Gumer-Notts, not a bad PB 16lb 2oz Brownie. . Amon sick with 6 to 12lb including 3 babies with fellow anglers with fish to 7/8lb mainly on lures. The past week has been different with changes in conditions dictating things although the better days have been in the wind. Babies for the past week include -Ian Patterson 12lb, Mark rowland 13lb 6oz and 11lb, Alan Ford 14lb Brownie and Aly H with 3 to 13lb. Reports of lost fish high with Brownies showing close in, so good to think not every snag is a snag as Blanko Thomas found out with none in the net but 7 x TOTGA and a new top section required,
‘Welcome to Roxholme Thomas’

Lures for takes, luke for landing
Always a welcome



Apologies for the contact issues reported by a number of our anglers, if you cant get through please text or better still email

Will hopefully get the issue sorted early this week

Thanks for your patience guys


7th Jan “ON THE FLY”

Welcome 2017

Hit and miss first week of the new year with the better results in the wind. Tues 3rd possible the better wind with a number of babies landed for John Ward at 12lb, brother Tim 13lb and 14lb 6oz, further catches in the first week include Alan Hobson 11lb, Peter Wright 13lb and 12lb and Lord Richard Damien with his baby at 12lb.

Lure the better option with sinking lines working with low wind in milder conditions again.

Always a welcome


 30th “ON THE FLY”

Decent end to the year for some.
A number of babies showing in the final week of 2016. Steve Pashley 12lb, Mark Lowey 14lb and 14lb 10oz browine. Phillip Green with 3 x 12lb+ and Josh Wells with 11 fish including 3 babies to 13lb. Our final day for this year was a ‘must be orange’ affair with all fish takes coming on orange lures For Nigel Wilcox returning 9 to 9lb.
All the very best for the New Year our friends,
ee you in 2017
Always a welcome

24th “ON THE FLY”


Well done Mr Wright – Peter Wright, Notts wins the christmas baby challenge by 1oz with a rainbow baby at 16lb 2oz on the snake.

The past week has seen a number of babies showing for crimbo with Mark Hayles with 4 to 14lb 8oz all brownies, Mr J with two babies 12lb and 16lb 1oz plus 6 to 8/9lb.

Fortunatly all our anglers landing fish and has every plenty not landed. Hope you enjoy the Snowbee Geo Mr Wright, Merry Christmas from our babies. Big thanks to our sponsor.

Always a welcome

Wishing all our friends a very Merry Christmas


12th “ON THE FLY”

Well Done my Babies

The last few days have seen beastie action for some!

Alan Renoldson with two babies a brownie 12lb followed by a rainbow at 13lb 8oz, Mr Hobson at 11lb 8oz and Mark Liddle 14lb and 12lb.

Ian Patterson reporting beastie battles lost with a number of our bigger babies winning.

Fish to 8/9lb showing mainly on lures with bigger fish chasing the fluff (fry patterns)

Always a welcome



“Make sure Keith sees this”

Dave's Baby




Santa’s ‘BABY’ Challenge

Snowbee Geo 9”6’ #7 for the ‘Crimbo Baby Winner’

Thanks to one of our sponsors we have a Swnowbee Geo fly rod to present to the angler landing the biggest baby between the 1st and 23rd December.

Merry Christmas DSCF7222



5th “ON THE FLY”

Frosty start at -3

Fishery partly frozen for first couple of hours.

Fish showing for some over the weekend with Rob Wainwright with 2 babies 14lb and 15lb 2oz, ‘he you shall not be named’ with 2 babies 11lb and 10lb with fellow anglers finding fish to 7/8lb. A number of anglers reporting takes hard to find and times in the milder weekend.

Fish closer in than you may think guys with best advice to look for the fry and you will find our babies.

Always A Welcome




November catch report draw winner Jim Mac – Glasgow.

Next time its ’FREE’ Jim

Two winners for the baby of the month to Colin Holmes and Tony Burling with rainbow babies at 16lb 4oz

Vouchers on the way guys, well done

Always a welcome


1st “ON THE FLY”

 ”The signs are there”
Not a bad 1st day for December with Mal Hobson- Sheffield with her PB at 13lb 9oz plus two further babies at 10lb 8oz and 10lb and nearly forgot Hubby Alan only had the one. Steve Lindey with 3 babies at 10, 11 and a 12lb 14oz brownie with other anglers having fish to 8/9lb.
Always a welcome


28th “ON THE FLY”

“Try the fry”

Creatures spotted chasing the fry over the past week with a number of anglers having to up the leader strength. Tim Daily with the best of least week at 18lb on a perch fry pattern. Snakes coming into there own on the colder days although catch rates remain lower than expected due to ????, with some anglers having to work for takes. The past week has seen 11 babies landed to 14lb other than Tim’s beastie along with a number of 7-8lb rainbows and the odd brownie.
Fish remaining close to margins for now!
‘keep the faith’
Always a welcome


11th /14th Nov “ON THE FLY”

Getting there! we hope?

Fish starting to show interest with a number of our babies starting to get the better of some of our anglers with Rod Williams landing a 16lb Brownie while losing out to 4 other beasties. Babies for Duncan 12lb and 11lb Brownie, Steve Lindley 13 lb and 13lb 4oz, Rob Gatley 14lb and Michael Baker with 2 at 10lb and 15lb. Generally the fishing is still reliant of the day’s conditions with some days better than others although we are seeing the increase in catch rates rising. Pattern choice over the past week has been mainly the smaller lures getting the interest whereas this time last year you could throw any old fluff and find a take, it needs a bit of the ‘old angling skills’ at the moment. So fluff flingers beware!

Due to commitments the fishery will be closed Monday’s and Wednesday’s throughout the winter.

Always a welcome




Back on line again, for how long- who knows?

Current temps looking favourable for our babies with a number showing over the past two weeks. November best so far for Scott Murray, 17lb 2oz Brownie  and Harold James 16lb 8oz rainbow. Fish to 8/9lb on average showing mainly on small patterns although still controlled by the changing weather conditions.

Always a welcome


23 Oct


Apologies for the problems on the web site over the past month, but which are now hopefully sorted (fingers crossed).

The fishery has produced on or two babies since re-opening 1st Oct, although we are only now getting the water conditions something like with temps more stable. Two stocking days have taken place with some nice brownie babies being welcomed.

Doubles to date this month include David Morton 12lb 3oz Brownie, Alan Hobson 11lb Brownie, Carl Williamson 17lb Rainbow, Donald Mills 14.5lb, 16.2 Rainbows and Dave Webster 16lb 10oz Brownie.

Conditions are dictation at the moment with takes hard to come by on some days, while lures have seen the best results with the Brownies and close in!

Further stocking taking place this week should start to stir them up a bit (we hope).

Bring on the crappy weather!

Always a welcome     



The fishery will re-open 1st October

aerators to remain on for a further week due to high water temps.



The fishery remains closed due to high water temperatures

Aerators seem to be doing the job at the moment by helping to reduce fish stress whilst increasing the water oxygen readings.

We will make further updates as the water temps reduce to a satisfactory level.

Apologies to our visitors, we must ensure the health and welfare of our fish.


18th “ON THE FLY”

Squirmy it is Malcom!

Malcom Wain landing 12, and this following a day of full sun, his best at 12lb (the three flies and light leaders were a bonus- for the fish). Miller with 7 to 13lb and Ron and Duncan with 6 each although Duncan did land a perch at 2lb 1 2oz plus a ‘tagged’ baby brownie at 14lb. well done sir!

Squirmy’s doing the trick this evening whilst Duncan’s Brownie took the ‘white bunny’

Pleasure guys and glad you had a safe trip home.

The fishery will remain closed to those other than pre -booked for now due to the high water temps.

We have now installed further aeration and this includes anchor points across the fishery banks that would make fishing difficult.

Conditions not set to improve in the short-term, time to take the wife shopping!    


17th “ON THE FLY”

Tough conditions! (but good for a tan)

Low numbers over the past week with only the evening rise group seeing the better action.

The two Johns both with PB’s at 14lb 6oz and 16lb 2oz plus a Brownie baby for Mark Miles at 15lb.

Day time action restricted to few takes due to high water temps with fish cruising rather than feeding (even the fry seems safe just now).

We are to introduce further aeration due to higher temps forecast therefore the fishery will only open to those already booked for the remainder of July. I will contact those booked on to give updates on water conditions.

Our priority is to fish care and your enjoyment.

Always a welcome


26th – 3rd July “ON THE FLY”

Patchy days for some!

Conditions dictating the fishing right now although some have the summer knack with one or two PB’s landed throughout the past week.

PB’s for Pete Taylor, Derby 14lb 4oz, Col Manley, York, 16lb and young Bri, York at 15lb 10oz (Brownie)

Double Figure babies for Tommy Mark, Lee Collins, Mick, Mr Henderson snr, and Lilian – well done guys. Best and ‘Big Head’ of the week for Lee Collins with 12 landed from a whole lot more including 3 x doubles.

The Geordie ‘Kipper Club’ with us for the weekend celebrating Sonia’s Birthday in style, John the Kipper King on Saturday with Sonia having the honours on the Birthday – Yesterday. Of course Tommy had to spoil it by catching trout to 10lb+.

Hope you had a lovely Birthday Sonia, always nice to have the ‘Kipper Club with us’ (can’t be many species John hasn’t had on the fly) – Take Care

Tiny buzzers for takes and a lot of luck for landing

Always a welcome


25th “ON THE FLY”

Few showing!

First cast baby for Darren Jones at 10lb 9oz followed by 14 others landed including 4 doubles to 12lb 8oz, Lee Swords with his baby at 12lb 11oz and Oli’s Baby of the day at 13lb 1oz.

Ian Hopkirk and Tony Newman with fish to 9lb.

Fish high in the water with buzzers and small nymphs working for takes although the landing bit can be shear dumb luck at the moment (or really skilful of course).

Tiny buzzers for takes and a lot of luck for landing

Pleasure today guys

Always a welcome


23rd / 24th “ON THE FLY”

Billy ‘Drop- em”!

Ayrshire visitors with a few babies over the past two days and Billy won!

Brothers Duncan and Billy McCallum taking lessons from Billy ‘Drop-em’ Buchan, and like a good coach Billy made sure his students caught a few.

Duncan with 4 babies on the 23rd to 13lb and 4 today to 13lb 8oz while brother Billy with I double yesterday and 7 today to 12lb 8oz plus others to 8/9lb.

Billy the teacher with 3 babies to 12lb and then decided to show his students how to hook fish without the landing bit.

A very vocal two days in very pleasant company.

Safe journey guys

Always a welcome


21st “ON THE FLY”

Slightly better conditions!

Made a difference with a number of babies showing mainly on buzzers and small nymphs.              Reg Hopwood with babies at 13lb and 13lb 8oz plus fish to 8lb and of course those that ‘got away’, Tom Finney 10lb 11oz and Dave Scott 10lb.

Please be mindful that returning fish may need a bit of TLC in the warmer conditions and that we are here to help – just give us a shout!

Re stocking took place on 22nd so should liven things up a bit.

Always a welcome   


12th – 19th “ON THE FLY”

Conditions dictating!

Fishing, patchy over the past week with better days following heavy rain. Saying that we had a number of PB’s landed for Dave Arnold 12lb 2oz, Matt Wright 14lb 6oz and Aron with his PB at 15lb 4oz. Babies for Dave Mathews with 4 doubles to 13lb Barry smith 12lb, Paul Robinson 12lb 4oz, Mark Adkin 11lb and Mark Knight 10lb.

Evening rise fishing seem to show the better option over the past week with 16 fish to 12lb Thurs and Sunday with 22 fish to 11lb, Well done James on the double – double hook up or was it ‘dumb look’ like Willie said so vocally.

Forecast not looking ideal,  so keep the faith guys

Always a welcome


6th – 11th “ON THE FLY”

Tough week for some!

Conditions made casting a fly some- what challenging  in a week of high temperatures with very little wind to help out. However a number of visitors seemed happy to have took the challenge while landing their PB’s.

Monday through to Thursday was testing with anglers having to rethink things with tiny buzzers and nymphs getting the takes, but with this came lots of dropped fish .

Notable catches include Dave Parker with 2 doubles, Dave Scott with his PB at 13lb 7oz, Mark Williams PB at 17lb 2oz and Young Aron Williams with his PB at 11lb (Aron’s previous Pb was 2lb) so well done Aron. David Twigg with two doubles to 13lb

Sat 11th   -  The Geordie Mafia turned up including the quiet Mr Munrow who landed 7 from loads including 4 doubles to 14lb.  But the ‘Big Head’ for the day was David Neilson with 10 from loads followed by a “very happy for Dave” Paul Snaith with 9 from loads, Dickie Bean landing three from a few , Rob with five and Darren landing two and finally Trev Ord who lost count and a few flies.

Summer aerator making a difference with fish starting to show in all areas.

Pleasure having our anglers with us – nice tans guys!

Always a welcome



Could be a tough few days!

Temperatures on the rise and our babies still winning, with all our anglers reporting either dropped or smashed takes.

Best of the first week for Adam Smith at 17lb including 2 further babies at 10lb and 12.4lb, Brent Trueman 13lb and a couple of tours (I’m sure Gary would have landed those Brent).

Sunday 5th started with fish however the day got tough with the full sun conditions.

Please note that when returning fish please be mindful in current conditions they will need to be fully revived, just give us a shout- we are happy to assist in returning the fish.

Catch report draw winner for May is Dawn Collins- Derby who claims the free session here with us.

Big Head voucher goes to Harry Jubb – Newcastle with his beastie baby at 18lb 2oz, Well done sir.

Always a welcome      


29th “ON THE FLY”

Rob v Rob!

Had to be a draw ‘never in doubt Sir’, Rob Basilisco jnr with the first baby at 13lb then just a bit later and on cue the old man sneaks a baby at 13lb 4oz. We will call it a draw because doing his duty; Rob jnr picked up the tab.

Dean and Mark Thurwell  spending the morning trying to land a fish with dean dropping his first eight and ending with 9 landed including babies at 13.8, 13, 12 and 10lb while Mark managed 4 from lots  including the days ‘big head’ award with his baby at 14lb. Mark Knight having the typical day just now – ‘wrestling and losing’ on just a few occasions.

Small buzzers working well for takes with ‘flash backs’ doing the business but please be warned they can spit the smaller flies straight back!

Well done guys

Always a welcome


28th ”ON THE FLY”

PB’s today!

Malc Parker with the honours today  with 5 landed from loads including babies at 14lb. 13lb 4oz and 12lb. Simon Owens with his PB at 12lb 7oz followed by 10lb, Dave Ledger PB 14lb 7oz plus 11lb, with fellow angler Matt Hill with his baby at 12lb.

Reports of a few beasties winning today.

Pleasure today guys

Always a welcome  


27th “ON THE FLY”

Must try harder!

The landing bit can be a bit tricky just now with some anglers resorting to verbally abusing some of our residents.” Sticks and stones” guys and not sure our fish can understand the language anyway but funny to see.

Some of our anglers getting the knack/luck to put one or two in the landing nets with Ray Jenkins taking Thursday’s honours with babies at 13lb and 13lb with others to 8/9lb on egg patterns.

The Pete and Doug challenge won by Mr Crick with his baby at 15lb whilst Doug could only manage his tiddler at 13lb plus a few fry to 8lb with fellow anglers taking fish to 8lb mainly on small buzzers. Flash backs working well for takes.

Friday anglers starting slow, that was until a bit of cloud switched the babies on with Rob Holt with 7 fish including 4 babies to 16lb 4oz, Brian with 10 to 9lb on blood worm pattern and Guy with 6 from too many on the buzzer. Guy was seen traumatised at times to the point he kicked his flask and hence needs to call for a new one on the way home!

Thanks for the laughs guys

Always a welcome  


17th to 23rd


Babies playing!

A few of the babies landed over the past few days include – Middlesbrough Brian 11lb 10oz and a Brownie at 10lb, Dave Scott 11lb 12oz, Terry Davison 12lb, Myron Klepach 13lb, Mark Wragg 12lb, 16lb 4oz and his PB Brownie at 15lb 6oz, Connie Moore 13lb 4oz and a Buzzer Perch 3lb 8oz and Brian Platts with 3 Brownies 11lb, 12lb 4oz and 13lb.

Conditions playing the part with patchy periods throughout some days, Buzzers are working well for takes whereas the landing bit is another story!  Although most of our anglers taking fish to 7/8lb on bloodworm patterns with one or two nice catches on dries later in the day/evening.

Thanks to angler Brian Platts , we did clean a Brownie 11lb with 3 leaders and 3 lures with the line being no better than about 6lb, not only is this angling suicide here but seriously harmful to our babies.  

Please note the fishery will be closed 30th to 2nd June in order to install summer aerator and stocking.

Always a welcome     



Different days!

Few babies seen over the past week although more TOTGA badges handed out than normal, Best of the week for Roy Ward- York with 13 to 16lb 6oz including 3 further babies. Roy fishing mainly tiny buzzers  high in the water. Robin Mills with 2 babies to 13lb on dry bibio on this week’s evening session  with other anglers taking fish to 9lb (good night on dries guys).

One baby Brownie for Shaun O at 18lb 3oz – thanks for taking the 3 lures and 2 leaders from our baby Shaun – well done

A couple of blanko’s for ‘unlucky Pete’ dropping 6 including a couple backing line takers,               Matt Ward doing the javelin tactics, launching the rod following another smash! (very funny action Matt).

Hit and miss days at the moment dependant on what season we get in the mornings!

Keep the faith guys   

Always a welcome


15th “ON THE FLY”

That was some “FLING” George!

Don’t often see anglers engaged in strange dancing practices in the car park, that was until our East Lothian visitors came fishing. George Stewart doing some sort of ‘Fling’ was a sight to behold, but in all fairness he had just whooped the guys and was seen counting his winnings. George with a few babies at 10lb8oz, 11lb, 11lb10oz and todays big baby at 13lb 10oz.

Robert with babies at 10lb, 10lb 8oz and 10lb, Neil Young 11lb 14oz and Tony Pride at 10lb 14oz plus of course all those they only felt!

Then to the ‘take your friend to work day’ with the Essential Fly. Mr K and his customers being out done by the 2nd in command at ‘Essential’  (after Ann that is) Sarah Kitchener showing the customers how to at least get one or two of our babies on (the landing bit will come Sarah) ‘ told you the ladies always win or at least they do here!


Pleasure today guys

Always a welcome




Why aye lads!

Forget conditions it’s probably down to skill as I found out today, seems they fail at football but manage to fish a bit

Full sun day – normally means tough times; then the Geordie mafia turn up armed with Gordon Swain who fishes a bit on the international scene.

Gordon finishing with 23 including babies at 15 x2 and 18lb, Jason with 17 landed to 9lb, Paul Railtun with 8 from loads including babies at 15.2, 15 and 10lb, Barry and Malcom with fish to 9lb. Then Denny with NONE from 11(but to be fair they were all babies Dennis)

Now for the mob bosses – Paul Snaith with 8 including his best at 16lb 4oz, Dickie ‘so long as there’re hooked’ Bean with his best at 14lb 3oz,

And finally

Dave “I’m taking the Mrs shopping tomorrow” Neilson  with a mere 5 landed, but one was a baby he said. So to the Mrs, please cancel the boyfriend because your loving hubby- David wants to go shopping tomorrow.

Can’t really report on what patterns worked- there’re Geordies and don’t speak English.

Always a pleasure with you guys


Always a welcome


12th – 13th “ON THE FLY”

Babies Winning!

One landed Thursday , five yesterday from the many reported groans’

Mr H – Alan Hobson with a baby at 13lb 8oz (Thursday) from the 11 dropped although other fish coming to 8/9lb and unfortunately for Mr H with our handicap system now back in force (some kind of half arsed Duckworth Lewis thing); he lost heavily to the Mrs – Mal Hobson. So well done Mal.

Most of our anglers with fish to 8lb mainly on smaller patterns and eggs.

Friday the 13th lived up to expectations with the two Robs now requiring new top sections due to ‘Smash and Grab’ takes on the lift (fatal guys starting the cast with the point under water).

Other problems caused by those who should know better by using light leaders, these babies will always test your leaders guys.

Four babies to 15lb 6oz for Martin Stocks; Sheffield and 2 for Rob jnr to 11lb on a day of hatches with buzzers working well. that cool wind did the trick guys.

Always a welcome       


10th “ON TH FLY”

A bit of the wet stuff!

What a difference following a night of heavy rain and a day of light rain for our anglers, Malc Kitchen and Richard Hatfield both finishing with 8 from loads including 4 babies for Mr Kitchen 14lb, 14.4 and 18lb. Looked very fetching Mr K driving back to Leeds in soaked ‘long john’s’!

Local – Ray Jenkins,  ‘Mr Egg’ in on the act with his rainbow baby at 16lb and a baby Brownie at 12lb plus a few never seen (no point counting the 8/9lb’ers landed Ray).

Reg Hopwood – Doncaster with 3 babies to 14lb so not a bad morning Reg!

Hope you guys got dried out quick!

Always a welcome      


1st to 5th “ON THE FLY”

Mixed fortunes!

Following on from the last weekend ,the conditions are dictating, weekend best for Mark Thrumpton with 12 landed to 14lb, Lyne Meades with her PB at 16lb 2oz and young Aron with 7 landed to 12lb.
Monday – Tuesday with Derby Shooters landing fish mainly to 8/9lb other than the baby Brownie for Scott at 17lb 6oz, Scott with the honours with 16 fish including 2 further babies at 12lb and 14lb 10oz.
5th – Sandbeck boys –With Barry Wilson taking the Big Head prize at 13lb 6oz followed by Alan Royes 10lb 3oz and 12lb 4oz and Ian Green 12lb 2oz. well done guys in bright sunny conditions.

Difficult to pick a pattern at the moment with the weather getting warmer, I would look at the buzzers guys but please not on a 6lb leader!

Always a welcome


From 1ST May get your visit stamped – collect 6 stamps and claim your free session

Always a welcome



28th/29th “ON THE FLY”

Wild weather = Babies

One or two PB’s landed for a change 28th Reg Hopwoods PB – Doncaster 15lb, Alan Hobson 14lb 2oz.

29th Jeff Garner 15lb PB, Dave Simpson 14lb 10oz PB, Kev Bantam’s PB 14lb 4oz and Phil Wright 14lb 10oz.

Still plenty parting company with our anglers although the cold wind does seem to waken them up a bit.

Lures seem to be the pattern in current conditions.

Always a welcome



Suppose to be spring!

25th – late in the day for our anglers with Paul Bridge – Sheffield having the babies 11lb, 12.4 and 14lb 6oz from the 7 landed, fellow anglers with fish to 8lb mainly on buzzers.

26th – Springtime snow, hail, rain and a bitter wind put paid to the babies with fish to 8/9lb landed again later in the day the better time with the wind dropping.

Keep the faith guys

Always a welcome


24th “ON THE FLY”

Buy one – get one free for Ian!

An early PB for Ian Hopkirk at 12lb 5oz, then his second PB at 12lb 13oz alongside fish to 8/9